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Make Up

an exploration of what make up is and why we wear it.

In a culture where we highly value the individual and creativity women spend hundreds of dollars on make-up,  and hours of their lives painting their faces to become as homogenous as possible. 

Why don't we uses the pigments to paint our faces as uniquely as the people we aim to be?

I mark my face daily with women's makeup products in non-traditional ways. Eye liner, lip stain and eye shadow become tools for crafting emotive designs that aim to express my emotional state at the start of the day. I wear the design for the entirety of my day. I am documenting intermittently via the Instagram handle what-is-makeup.

In my questioning I have found that I am now hyper aware of myself without makeup. I question why people stare at me, I have gotten so used to it when my face is painted that I fully question why it is happening when my face is bare.   

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